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Teach Scripture is a website designed specifically for teachers in Catholic Primary Schools. 
Its aim is exactly as the website name says... to enable teachers to teach Scripture – not just use it.
The educational process the website employs is The Composite Model
The Composite Model was the fruit of many years of research and academic study into the presentation of Scripture in Religious Education in Catholic Primary Schools. It is an independent process which means it can be used regardless of the religious education programme teachers are using. 
This website provides not only the structure of the process, but a range of activities which enable pupils to investigate Scripture themselves and come to an interpretation. It also contains links to our own online Bible Dictionary (The Bible Doctor) which teachers and pupils can access to gain information about the places, people, customs and rituals they meet in Scripture. 
There are only three more things you need to know.
1. The Composite Model follows a narrative approach to Scripture so you may see a lot of similarity between the way it teaches Scripture with the way you already teach literacy – if the process feels familiar, great! 
2. While The Composite Model can be used for teaching any passage, the website focuses on the Gospels only, simply to limit the possibilities for those beginning the process. 
3. All the activities are aimed at a single outcome: to enable pupils to suggest what the author might have been trying to convey. They are not graded to year levels, however, in each section some activities are easier than others. As a general rule, those activities which investigate the writing style of the author require greater literacy skill than those which investigate the events, setting and characters individually. Remember though: you can adapt activities to suit your class, and study of a passage, through these or other similar activities, always precedes interpretation.
Welcome! Have a go! Teach Scripture!
This website is the result of the generous financial and creative support of three women. It is their gift to you.
© Margaret Carswell, 2011