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A word about picture stories in RE. 

Picture stories often contain themes, ideas and values which are part of the Christian tradition. In Religious Education, such books are often used to introduce a Scripture passage or theme, with the message being ‘Here is the theme, now lets learn about it.’ 
The use of picture stories in this way is problematic for both the story itself and for the Scripture passage that follows it.
First, picture stories rarely contain one message or meaning. Like all narratives they usually speak about a number of important values, attitudes or ideas. What one person may therefore take from a story may be quite different from what another person may take. To use a picture story to introduce a single topic or theme means that many important – but different - messages contained in the story are ignored. The richness of the story is, therefore, limited to the theme: the power of the story to inform and transform is reduced. 
Second, the placement of a Scripture passage into an already established theme means that pupils will make assumptions about its meaning long before they have even heard it. The Composite Model tries to avoid this ‘pre-interpretation of passages’ by employing activities which leave interpretation as open as possible. Thus pupils are invited to listen to Scripture without the limits imposed by a topic theme. 
Simply for ease of use, these picture story books have been grouped under broad headings. Click on the links below for book lists.
You will of course find many other themes in these books! 
Those passages marked with * require higher levels of literacy.
Diversity among people (including religious diversity)