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A word about these passages. 

The Scripture passages selected for use in the early years are intended to first teach pupils about the life of Jesus, and then to explore some of the stories he told.
The gospel of Luke has been chosen for all passages as Luke presents a picture of a gentle, liberating, Jesus in language which is often easier to understand than the other Gospel writers.
The placement of passages which teach about the life of Jesus has been made so that they coincide with the Liturgical Year. They are, therefore, suggested for the Autumn and Spring terms. The stories Jesus told are suggested for the Summer Term: Easter to July.



The passages suggested for the Autumn and Spring Terms all recount the life of Jesus.


The Autumn term: September to December


Luke 1:26-38              The Annunciation
Luke 2:1-20                The Birth of Jesus


The Spring Term: January to Easter


Luke 2:41-52              Jesus visits the Temple
Luke 3:21-22              Jesus is baptized
Luke 5:1-10                Jesus calls his first disciples
Luke 9:46-48              Jesus and the children
Luke 11:1-4                The Lord’s Prayer
Luke 19:29-38            Jesus enters Jerusalem
Luke 22:1-23              Jesus celebrates the Passover
Luke 22:39-48            Jesus is arrested
Luke 22:66-71            Jesus is tried by the Sanhedrin
Luke 23:1-7                Jesus is tried by Pilate
Luke 23:7-12              Pilate sends Jesus to Herod
Luke 23:13-25            Jesus goes back to Pilate
Luke 23:32-34a          Jesus is crucified
Luke 23:50-56            Jesus is buried
Luke 24:1-9                Jesus is risen!


Acts 2:1-4                  The Coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost



The passages suggested for the Summer Term are all narratives (stories) Jesus told.

The Summer Term: Easter to July  


Lk 8:4-8             The Sower and the Seed
Lk 13:18-21        Two parables about the kingdom of God
  • Lk13:18-19         The parable of the mustard seed
  • Lk 13:20-21        The parable of the yeast


Lk 15:1-32         Three stories about ‘lost’ and ‘found’
  • Lk 15:1-3           Introduction
  • Lk 15:4-7           The lost Sheep
  • Lk 15:8-10         The lost Coin
  • Lk15:11-32         The lost Son