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The Composite Model in the Early Years. 

The Composite Model was developed in the writing of the Masters thesis 'Educating into Discipleship'. This thesis reviewed five methods proposed by theorists for the teaching of Scripture and concluded by proposing The Composite Model; a model which took the strengths of each method into one suitable for the specific situation of Religious Education in a Catholic School. 
Among the methods reviewed was 'Godly Play' offered by Jerome Berryman. Berryman advocated a method based on Montessori principles, particularly as applied to Religious Education by Sofia Cavalletti. In 'Godly Play', young children are invited to enter the sacred story via the experience of hearing it told with the assistance of concrete storytelling materials. Berryman argues that a story told rather than read to children allows them to enter more fully into its world and to wonder about what it might be saying. The teacher's role is that of the storyteller who invites students to imagine and discover through play.
Berryman's liturgical setting is very different from the formal educational setting found in Catholic Schools. However, the Composite Model took from 'Godly Play' the value of storytelling, the role of play and the use of open ended questions through which children might be invited to wonder. Continuing Montessori principles, The Composite Model sits comfortably within developmental play theories employed in early years rooms around the world. 


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Building on the work of cavaletti and Montosorri, Godly Play
The Composite Model similary beleives that young children can hear and be moved by Scripture. Like Berryman, it places this around the focus oThis  t on the the