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The Composite Model is an educational process which contains three consecutive steps.
How to place the process into your existing Religious Education programme.
Use the religious education programme you have as you normally would. When your programme comes to the section in which a passage of Scripture is presented, move to the Composite Model and incorporate its process as part of your own programme of study. 
The three parts of the Composite Model are consecutive. Begin with ‘Prepare to Hear the Word’, move to ‘Hear and Encounter the Word’ and end with ‘Respond to the Word’. 
Once you have completed the Composite Model, move back to your existing programme and conclude as you normally would. 
Eg. Using Here I Am

In summary:
Plan your RE according to the programme you use. When you find the Gospel passage the programme recommends or presents, move to the Composite Model and incorporate the process into your planning. When you have finished studying the passage, return to your programme and conclude as usual. 
The Composite Model only changes the way you teach Scripture: the remainder of your religious education remains the same. 
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